Our Story

From the serene landscape of Umeå in Northern Sweden, ZensAI took shape. While its roots trace back to vibrant research and industry environments, it's the spirit of collaboration and innovation that truly gave it life.

Bridging Expertise for Innovation

Our Mission

During his tenure as an AI Research Scientist, our founder was at the epicenter of collaborations that produced notable patents, research papers, and innovative products. These weren’t just technical feats; they were testament to the transformative power that emerges when domain experts—be they biologists, physicists, virologists, or others—and AI professionals converge. This magic happens when domain specialists merge their insights with cutting-edge AI methodologies.

Inspired by these tangible successes, ZensAI was established. We’ve since expanded from Umeå to international shores, forming alliances and continually emphasizing the profound impact of interdisciplinary expertise.

Christoffer Edlund


“Embark on your AI journey with ZensAI. Together, we’ll transform challenges into opportunities. How about a virtual coffee? Let’s sit down, discuss, and envision what our combined expertise can create.”

Let’s Begin Your AI Journey

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