Our Services

At ZensAI, we bridge deep domain knowledge with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence techniques, tapping into areas like Computer Vision, Large Language Models, Data Analytics, Deep Reinforcement Learning, and Machine Learning. Rooted in a foundation of groundbreaking collaborations, we’ve produced tangible results: patents, authoritative research papers, and transformative products.

Guided AI Strategies and Integration

AI Consultancy

Every AI journey is unique. Let our expertise in areas like Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Data Analytics guide you. From global bio-pharma labs to the serenity of Umeå, Northern Sweden, our experience is vast and varied, ensuring you’re always a step ahead.


Custom AI Solutions

With proficiency spanning Software Development, Machine Learning, and beyond, no challenge is too unique or complex. We craft bespoke AI solutions addressing your specific needs.

Collaborative Frontiers in AI

Research Collaborations​

Innovation thrives on partnership. We’re open to research endeavors that defy conventions, drawing from our deep expertise in areas like Deep Reinforcement Learning and more.

Crafting & Executing Tailored Solutions

Development & Deployment

Be it through Computer Vision in biotech, Large Language Models in customer service, or any domain-specific application, we ensure AI solutions fit seamlessly within your framework, delivering quantifiable outcomes.

At ZensAI, every challenge is an invitation to innovate. With an arsenal that includes Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Data Analytics, and much more, we’re here to guide your AI aspirations. Dive in with us and reshape the future.